Tilman J. Fertitta

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On Sale Now Tilman Fertitta's Debut Book "SHUT UP AND LISTEN!"

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For entrepreneurs ready to reach the next level of success, small business owner turned multi-Billionaire Tilman Fertitta shares the commonsense principles that have rocketed his worldwide entertainment, hospitality and real estate empire to the top.

Having created his hospitality empire 30 years ago with just one restaurant, the self-made billionaire knows first-hand the challenges that face small business owners as well as the common pitfalls that cause them to fail. Now, for the first time, Fertitta shares his personal secrets to achieving success.

Fertitta believes that one of the biggest challenges that struggling entrepreneurs and those that are climbing the corporate ladder face is getting out of their own way. Whether it’s over or undervaluing the product or service, letting ego get in the way of what’s best for business, not knowing blind spots, or not being willing to go that extra mile with customers, Fertitta believes the 5% that they aren’t paying attention to can become the very thing that prevents you from getting to the top.

“Shut Up and Listen!” offers straightforward, powerful strategies and ideas to help anyone achieve the sort of breakout they want, no matter if they’re just starting out or well into their career. The book provides key insights into what it takes to build a successful business, drawing from proven principles that have helped Fertitta become a recognized world leader in the dining, hospitality, entertainment and gaming industries. Chapters feature practical, hard-earned wisdom unpacked through straight-talk “Tilmanisms” that revolve around six core themes: Hospitality Matters, Know Your Numbers, Take the Word “No” Out of Your Damn Vocabulary, Change, Change, Change, Seize the Opportunity- Eat the Weak, and Keep Punching. Each section ends with “Tilman’s Targets”— quick, easy-to-reference summaries of the major points covered as a useful way to refer back to key ideas and concepts.